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Everyone should feel like they belong at work. Managers play an important role in how team members experience their jobs. We provide tools to help you create safer, more welcoming and happier teams.

Dignity not Division

At Rethinc we believe in grounding ourselves in the work culture that we aspire to: one that is diverse in all regards, that is inclusive and able to leverage the strengths of all on behalf of the mission of the organization. The happiest workplaces cultivate a sense of belonging in every team member. This should be unique to the company, yet universal rooted in a culture of dignity. We believe in the capacity of every adult to learn and grow and to tap into their fundamental values and beliefs as they evolve into the inclusive leaders necessary to chart the future.

Care not Blame

Culture work is often approached from a deficit lens. DEI firms sometimes use methods that rely heavily on finger pointing and airing of grievances. While these experiences are often cathartic, they are not rooted in sound research and tend to lead to a rise in harm, tension, and confusion while doing little to address the root causes of inequity. We know that the path to healthier workplaces is found in positive self-identity for everyone and a path to common well being. Our work, therefore, has a focus on awareness, repair, care, and new learning about behaviors that cause trusting community.

Pragmatism not Purity

Rather than believing that organizations must all have a perfect plan that charts out exactly how it will eradicate inequity, harm reduction encourages taking action within our spheres of influence that lessen harm, right now. There may be no perfect way forward. The question we must ask is: How might we reduce and lessen for the greatest number of people? We assist leaders in taking action that makes the workplace healthier right away - even or especially for marginalized staff.

Evolution not Disruption

Systems Change work points to the need to shift policies and practices because inequities are not caused solely by “bad” or “problematic” individuals. Rather, there are underlying causes in our systems - the way we do things - and these causes can be resolved. An analysis of history, of root causes, and of the organizational policies and practices that are leading to the current state are necessary and should be evolved over time to better mirror the desired state of inclusion, belonging, and wellness. We know that these systems have become entrenched over years and it will likely take years to improve. The idea is to start now with a broader view and patience before they evolve and are replaced.

Rethinc is an interracial consulting group focused on building inclusive, equitable organizations in the public and private sectors.

Rethinc is an interracial consulting group focused on building inclusive, equitable organizations in the public and private sectors.

Our approach is unique in that it combines skillful DEI implementation and strategy with a healing approach that prioritizes wholeness and a growing sense of trust, psychological safety, and relationships in service of healthier and happier work cultures.

The Rethinc team has led as CEOs, executive directors, superintendents, school principals, medicine women, and organizers. We bring our considerable and collective experience to the table when partnering with you to support your organization’s evolution. This is a team who has led at the intersection of race, teaching & learning, and healing for 25 years. 

Our track record includes the leadership, care, or execution of EngageNY, Aspen Institute, The Movement for Black Lives, Subaru, Cambiar, Move to End Violence, and Teach For America. We believe in the limitless capacity of people and groups to transform and live into their highest aspirations and we prioritize the wellness and dignity of every member of the communities we serve.

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