Why REthinc Leadership? Why now?

REthinc Leadership  is a cohort-based experience designed to help executives and hiring managers turn their DEI commitments into meaningful action. We know that each leader is on a unique journey, and we tailor the cohort experience to their unique context. We meet them where they are, respect their humanity,  and bolster their capacity for growth.

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is it?

Next cohort begins February 15, 2022. 

Apply for membership to participate in our next cohort by January 15, 2022.

Specifically, REthinc Leadership creates opportunities that allow you to address your key business and culture challenges through intentional space and time for learning, application, and reflection. Our cohorts are based on mutual care and collective progress, free of toxicity or blame, and will provide you with a transformative experience you can leverage immediately. By developing your own skills, you will be better equipped to lead your team and organization through this critical equity work.

should join?

If you’re committed to working toward racial equity, diversity and inclusion—or even just curious about what it would take to start or deepen this journey—this space is for you.

Maybe you’ve done some independent reading and built familiarity with core concepts, have participated in a workplace training, or are just eager to bring your personal sense of responsibility to equity and inclusion to your company.


Maybe you want a place to learn with other leaders without the judgement or vulnerability of being observed by your team.


Whatever your experience so far, you are ready to connect intention to action and move from wondering to doing. You want to strengthen your day-to-day DEI practice at your organization and/or within your core business function, and you want to be clear-eyed about what you need to do and how to do it. You want your organization to center equity in its mission, decisions, and practices.

I’m the COO of a small business. We have many competing demands and I am 100% focused on making sure we are financially stable...How can I focus on DEI when I’ve got so much else going on? “ 


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I’m a tech leader...I understand what racism is...I understand I should interrupt it...When would I do that in my remote workplace?”