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In the Rethinc Podcast, Kate and the team bring their hearts and minds together with organizational, industry, and thought leaders to better understand what makes it hard, what it takes to make it better, and imagine a world in which strong human relationships actually helped us to get more done.

The way we work has a lot of us wondering if we should change jobs, shift careers, or finally chase some dream we’ve long imagined. For most of us, our work means much more than a paycheck - it’s our pride, our labor, and our contribution to a better world. So, who we work with and how we work - now more than ever - has become a big part of our day, our week, and our lives.

At Rethinc we believe in grounding ourselves in the work culture that we aspire to: one that is diverse in all regards, that is inclusive and able to leverage the strengths of all on behalf of the mission of the organization

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