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  • Kate Gerson

Do you feel safe in your place of work?

Not just physically safe, but psychologically safe too?

🏳️‍🌈There are MANY companies that claim to be LGBTQ+ friendly or ‘diverse’ but don’t actually talk the talk.

Hiring underrepresented people, but neglecting to build them up isn’t part of the work.

You know what is?

Welcoming & complimenting different hairstyles because 80% of black women feel the need to alter their hair to fit in at work (source @naacp_ldf)

Installing accessible bathrooms for those who need it because according to @prideatwork 59% of transgender people have avoided using the public restroom in the past year.

Help your workplace feel physically & psychologically safe!

Get inspired to talk the talk AND walk the walk by checking out our latest episode

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