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  • Kate Gerson

Have you thought about how your personal history has sculpted the type of leader you are today?

In this episode, Kate Gerson is joined by Matt Gandal, president & CEO of ESG, an organization that aims to support states, national organizations, & foundations that are committed to dramatically improving the performance of the U.S. education system.

Matt uncovers that his grandparents & parents had escaped Nazi Germany & how that built up a lot of distrust for Germans– no matter their background.

As he grew up he found himself wondering,🤔

“Why do we still blame current people living in Germany for what happened?”

This curiosity stuck with him as he founded his own business & stepped into a leadership role.

👉He eventually took the opposite approach of trying to see the best in everybody & acknowledging that everybody, no matter their history, has an opportunity to turn over a new leaf!🍃

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