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  • Kate Gerson

What is a "Karen"?

Updated: May 12, 2023

Hold the phone🖐🏾📱…

What is a “Karen?”🤔

According to Google, a Karen is slang for a white woman that is entitled.

And, in this episode, Rethinc partner– Marc Etienne explains the entitlement of not only “Karens”, but other groups such as those who identify as men for instance.

⏪But, let’s bring it back for a moment…

The only way to acknowledge yourself as being ‘entitled’ in certain situations is to put yourself in diverse groups, recognize there’s a pattern that needs to be fixed, & continuously question or humble yourself to be better.

And, to be honest…yes, minorities & women have been suppressed for as long as we can remember, but ALL humans no matter their gender or race have felt entitled at least once in their lives.

❓It’s up to all of us to commit to the daily act of questioning our belief systems, thoughts, & actions in order to make some real change. You up for the challenge?

P.S. Catch more Karen talk at the link in our bio!

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