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We firmly believe that leveraging mindfulness exercises allows survey participants to answer openly about their experience. This allows us to provide more realistic data and opens individuals up for the change that may need to take place.

Our team of DE&I expert coaches will provide a custom analysis of your company’s inclusion data, and provide actionable insights on how your company, and individual managers can improve.

Rethinc’s proprietary Inclusion index will measure your company’s current state of inclusion at both the Company and Manager level. You can’t change what you can’t measure and we make that measurement possible.

DE&I is what we do, and have been doing across our team for decades. We’ve taken that knowledge and embedded that into our product, looking at your data, and algorithmically indexing to provide real and actionable insights that will make a difference.

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Real change happens at the Manager Level, not in an HR Data Silo. It is with that belief that we bring data visualization, insights, and analytics directly to managers and team leads

Our Dashboard allows you to take in real time data and break it down across demographic data, subgroups, dimensions and more. This allows our customers to get an in-depth pulse on the state of inclusion across the company.

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A pulse on the current state of inclusion at the manager and company level.

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Personalized diagnoses for each manager to leverage in how to improve the current state of inclusion within your organization.

With less than 15 minutes from each of your team members, The Rethinc App allows you to capture, visualize, and track your organization’s current state of inclusion in real time.

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Real time data on the state of inclusion in the organization, broken down across a variety of demographics.

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