My work and contribution, then, is to find the humanity in others to serve them well and eliminate barriers to their success.



There's no such thing as one and done. Checking boxes when it comes to DEI is typically a bad plan - and yet, quick wins are often needed.

REthinc provides immediate solutions AND the framework for an ongoing approach to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive business.

Strategic Planning and Execution


We can articulate a three to four year DEI plan for your institution that coheres with existing company-wide goals.

Precision Implementation

We support your leadership in order to avoid common pitfalls, work through common barriers and provide successful execution and change management.

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Adult Learning Experiences

Leadership Training & Facilitation

We provide intensive coursework, facilitated team development, and practical application for the leadership continuum  — from executives through people managers.

Regular Large Scale Training Events and Experiences

We map consistent and coherent learning for all staff through a series of group gatherings (virtual and/or in-person). These spaces are focused on creating awareness, urgency, understanding, wellness, and concrete steps for ensuring a thriving, equitable work environment for all.

Building Internal Capacity on Adult Learning and Mediation

For a small number of partners who meet rigorous criteria, we offer selected session content, including people management protocols and train-the-trainers.

Integrated Behavior Change and Long-term, Personalized Support

Executive Coaching

We provide individualized, goal-oriented feedback and problem-solving to advance leaders on their racial identity development.

Supportive Technology

We support your ongoing commitment to equity through technology that builds habits of reflection and supports behavior changes, helping you reach your organizational and personal equity-focused goals.


The facilitation of the small group discussions was probably the most well executed, surgical and provocative that I have ever experienced. Thank you.

Private Sector Client