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John is a founding partner at Rethinc, where he holds the intersection of leadership, excellence, and equity, mentoring leaders in their work to evolve and reflect on their work to accomplish their goals and foster dignified, human spaces at the same time.

John is a visionary leader and highly successful executive, public servant, and thought leader. He is a senior partner at Cambiar Education and the former Superintendent of schools for the Stockton Unified Public Schools in Stockton CA. Prior to that, he led several ventures including as Board Chair and CEO of Reset: New Day, New Year, an alternative prison for young men 18-25 in the Bay Area of California, as well as Editor-In-Chief of The Line, a magazine dedicated to civil discourse in dealing with the most pressing matters for those on the front lines of social justice, entrepreneurship, and education. John was the Superintendent in residence for the Broad Center and facilitated in the Broad Academy while coaching a number of current and emerging national education leaders. John is active on several boards including College Summit, UnboundED, and Cambiar, as well as numerous advisory boards. John is also an Aspen Fellow from the inaugural cohort of the Aspen Institute’s fellowship of entrepreneurs in education and is a senior moderator for the Institute.

John led dramatic improvements in each school district that he served (Coventry, RI, Prince George’s County, MD, Santa Monica-Malibu and Los Angeles, CA) propelling student achievement, high school graduation rates, and access rates to high-quality courses and schools to historic levels while reducing suspension and dropout rates. As superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, he championed a “youth first” agenda credited with reversing the district’s school-to-prison pipeline, raising achievement and college readiness more than ever in the districts’ history. Leading with integrity and strong moral character, John relentlessly pushes against the status quo in service to all youth - especially those living in circumstances of poverty and marginalization. He is unapologetic in his pursuit of equity and justice for all people. He earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Providence College and a Doctorate from The University of Louisville in Kentucky. John lives with his wife and regularly gathers four generations of family in California which exists upon the unceded land of the Algonquin and Massapequa peoples.

Dr. John E. Deasy



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