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Jess is a coach and facilitator at Rethinc where she provides K-12 excellence, instructional leadership development, and DEI consultation to partners seeking a high performing school culture.

Jessica Ramos is currently the CEO of Russell Byers Charter School in downtown Philadelphia. Jessica is also the principal owner of JDR Consulting LLC, an education consulting company. For the past 16 years, she has been obsessed with leveling the playing field. She has served children and families in Philadelphia as a teacher, a principal, and an assistant superintendent. As an educational leader in Philadelphia, Jessica worked tirelessly to improve outcomes for Philadelphia's most marginalized populations. Today, she brings her industry knowledge and love of education to a thriving charter network as well as system leaders around the country by way of timely, authentic, and impactful support and services. She lives in Philadelphia which sits on the land of the Lenape Nation.

Jessica Ramos



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