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Kate is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Rethinc where she holds the intersection of program, operations, and business development, partnering with leaders who seek to foster more inclusive and evolved workplaces.

Kate has been the architect of successful organizations with scaled impact, large professional learning events, comprehensive content builds, and transformation opportunities for companies and systems concerned with confronting racism and inequity. Kate was the founding CEO of UnboundEd, where she drove a conversation about race in education reform and supported hundreds of school systems to adopt and implement high quality curricular materials with high expectations for students of color and students living in poverty. Prior to this, she was a Senior Fellow at the Regents Research Fund, where she led New York State’s academic projects (EngageNY), and built a free K-12 curriculum and training strategy that changed the direction and priorities of systems and major textbook developers nationwide. She lives with her two daughters in a busy, but cozy, home where they welcome cats, cousins, and friends on the Upper West Side of Manhattan which sits on the land of the Lenape Nation.

Kate Gerson



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