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Kenan is the co-founder and K-12 lead at Rethinc where he holds the intersection of equity strategy, executive development, and program design partnering with educators at all levels to enable inclusive environments.

With justice and faith serving as the pillars of his childhood home, Kenan has led from the classroom to the systems level of education equity for nearly 2 decades. As an executive in a turnaround public school district in Ohio as the Chief Equity and Achievement Officer, where he and his colleagues redefined public education and saw explosive academic growth raising the district’s Gap Closing grade from an F to a B in a single school year. Previously, Kenan served within high-performing charter schools in Northeast Ohio, leading teams as the founding Executive Director of the Akron & Canton Preparatory Schools within the I CAN SCHOOLS Network. In this role, their Canton campus outperformed the county in their first year of operation. With a background in curriculum and instruction, Pan-African Studies, the Spirit and a love of Hip Hop, Kenan is an eclectic leader who has facilitated widely, contributing to the greater equity landscape through UnboundEd, Men of Color in Educational Leadership, Cambiar Catalyst Fellowship, and The Rivet PLP Guide. Kenan and his wife have three children and live in Akron, Ohio, which sits on the original homelands of the Kaskaskia Territory.

Kenan Bishop



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