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At the core of Lori Taliaferro Riddick’s 20 plus years of professional experience is her dedication to bringing conversations about race and equity to the forefront in order to support healthy and productive working environments while honoring the stories of all involved. 

During Lori’s career, she has led various human capital consulting initiatives focused on strategic planning and performance management. She coaches individual leaders and leadership teams to improve performance and to increase equity within systems. Lori’s approach is to support individual transformation through active reflection, and individual storytelling so leaders can understand their relationship and responsibilities to the larger systems in which they sit. This mirrors her approach to system-wide change by connecting individual behaviors, historical practices and organizational cultures to uncover areas of efficiency and opportunities for organizational evolution. 

Lori is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she received a B.A. in Urban Studies and a Masters of Science in Education.

Lori Taliaferro Riddick



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