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Marc is a partner at Rethinc, where he holds the intersection of equitable systems, personal responsibility, and leadership development fostering executives, managers, and teams in their effort to do good work and be good to each other.

He began his career as a middle school teacher in New York City and has gone on to lead communities as a principal, principal supervisor, non-profit executive and school district leader. Marc’s passion is to pursue the dismantling of systemic racism through coaching and facilitating learning that focuses on academic proficiency for students through standards based, culturally relevant instruction. He is a regular facilitator for the UnboundEd StandardsInstitute and is a certified Courageous Conversations About Race Practitioner. In 2020 he was appointed to the founding Board of Directors for The Lion’s Story, a non-profit organization that works across all age groups to leverage the power of storytelling and racial literacy skill development, with the goal of promoting emotional and relationship health.

Marc is an alumni of New Leaders for New Schools and holds a bachelor’s degree from the University at Buffalo, and a master’s degree from the City University New York Baruch College. He is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. With his wife Rachel, Marc is raising three children in Howard County, Maryland, which sits on the land of the Piscataway Nation.

Marc Etienne



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