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Nafeesha is a coach and facilitator at Rethinc where she provides K-12 excellence, instructional leadership development, and DEI consultation to partners seeking a high performing school culture.

Nafeesha Mitchell is a seasoned executive leader, coach, and strategic advisor. In her day-to-day, she spends her time leading or advising on organizational strategy, high-stakes projects, individual and team leadership development, and diversity, equity, and inclusiveness. She primarily works alongside C-suite executives and their direct reports to accelerate impact, align priorities, and support strategic integration across functions. Full-time, Nafeesha serves as an executive leader at Teach For America (TFA). In this role, she supports the CEO’s Executive Cabinet to execute the organizational vision and strategy as well as oversee the operational efficiency of operations. Nafeesha’s leadership within TFA spans beyond her current role, however. Within the organization, she has led its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity strand of their Executive Director Fellowship where she directed aspiring executives on how to incorporate DEI and multiculturalism into their work ranging from internal team leadership and board governance to stakeholder management and education policy and advocacy. Through that work, Nafeesha began working with her own regional board to become fluent in racial equity through training and partnerships with the Racial Equity Institute based in Greensboro, NC—an organization that she has trained with for nearly a decade.

Nafeesha Mitchell



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