Good for People. Good for Business.

There’s a lot of talk about diversity, equity and inclusion work, but not enough about how to do it well.

REthinc knows
work culture.

We know you want your workplace to be a happy and productive one. We also know that engaging across lines of differences - in generations, racial backgrounds, gender, neuro-functioning, sexuality, nationality, and other dimensions - can create opportunities for misunderstanding, miscommunication, and dysfunction if culture is not intentionally set.


We help you make sense of the present state of your team and plan toward the culture you desire - caring for your company’s goals and people at the same time.


We’ll develop and support your execution of a strategy for learning, understanding and    
change grounded in the priorities and goals most important to you. The result will be a more supportive and productive workplace.


Create a changing world together.

DEI work has gained much momentum in recent months and years. Our team members have been serving in this space for decades. Our programs are based on the lifelong learning and results of our team of practitioners, researchers and economists.

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over Blame

We aren’t interested in finger pointing. In equity work, we must support each other as we learn, solve problems, build resilience, heal and begin to see each other more clearly. Results and wellbeing can be mutually reinforcing for the whole team.


over Supposition

We ground our work in cognitive-behavioral research, social and organizational theory, and a commitment to integrate data science and humanity to understand where we are, where we need to go and how to get there. Anything else is just well-intentioned guessing.


over Stagnation

We treat inclusion and employee well-being as core assets that deserve dynamic, creative thinking. Companies have shown they can be intelligent, agile, open-minded and experimental when it comes to ensuring that their core products meet customers’ needs. The same should be true of their DEI work.


over Piecemeal

We combine the expertise of racial identity development, change management, personal and collective wellness, adult learning, strategic mapping, analytics and technology. We apply a comprehensive approach to DEI that ensures substantial and sustainable results.


Immediate solutions and long term strategies that lead to a diverse, equitable and inclusive business.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Practical and actionable guidance on what’s needed, what works and what sticks.

Adult Learning Experiences

Research-based training that fits neatly into your strategy, leads to change and considers multiple perspectives.

Behavior Change and Personalized Support

Solutions that meet your people where they are, support their development and increase overall employee engagement.

“In order for proper healing and repair to occur, each of us must be willing to interrogate how we have benefited from these oppressive systems.”

– Teryn

“For every other learning and change initiative I have embarked on in my career, I have found I could ‘borrow’ another organization’s roadmap. On the race issue, there were none to be found, particularly not led successfully by a white male CEO. REthinc was the only organization who knew how to help us articulate a vision, begin our learning journey, overcome tough intra-company debates and set clear objectives.”

Executive Leader