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gina is the co-founder and Chief Wellness Officer at Rethinc, where she holds the intersection of impact and daily care, enabling leaders in their work to provide stability, vision, and an organizational culture that is nourished by shared goals, awareness, and wellness practice. in these very challenging times.

gina is a medicine woman, sound healer, vocalist, composer, grief doula and creator of The Vibration of Grace™ method. She grew up and has roots in Brooklyn, NY. gina began her walk with spirit and music at age 9, singing in the choir and attending grief circles in her family’s Pentecostal church. She worked in regional theater before touring internationally with Harry Belafonte as his featured vocalist and went on to create the role of “Sarabi” in the original Broadway production of the The Lion King. gina has worked on two Spike Lee joints (Livin’ Da Dream and Chiraq) as actor and on-set Healer. gina travels the world with her sound healing practice, The Vibration of GraceTM and holds sound circles in every city she visits from Kigali, Rwanda to Atlanta, Georgia. In 2020, she received a Lives of Commitment Award from Auburn Seminary, for her many years of artistry and activism.

gina teaches folx how to create and scaffold daily care rituals that help us to shift narratives and behaviors that do not serve our lives. Sharing the medicine of the inexhaustible power of the human voice to create change is gina's vocation. She assists practitioners in finding a mindfulness practice, a way to speak to ourselves and each other about peace and liberation, all that is possible for our interwoven communities, creating opportunity for agency, personal sovereignty, and universal love. gina currently lives with her growing family, enjoying the daily joy of grandmothering an amazing toddler in New York which sits on the land of the Lenape Nation.

gina Breedlove



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