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Jason Schweid is a nationally recognized thought leader on designing and implementing measurement systems for improving educational, behavioral and social outcomes. Dr. Schweid’s work combines his passion for academic research in artificial intelligence, psychometrics, and organizational and human-development (cognitive and social-emotional) with his commitment to building policy and practice that leverages measurement for social change.

Dr. Schweid has led research, policy, and practice initiatives ranging from serving as principal investigator for ED/IES funded programs to bolster culturally responsive math instruction through structural school improvements, using UX research methodologies to identify (and design) curriculum components that support effective implementation by first-year language arts teachers, leading non-profit organizations through development of theories of change and action to support development of success metrics and long term goals, to partnering with philanthropic organizations to create evaluation and reporting systems that are likely to provoke effective program design practices for grant recipients. In a past life, Dr. Schweid was a Senior Fellow at the Regents Research Fund, where he was responsible for Race to The Top assessment efforts, including oversight of New York State’s Grade 3-8 State Assessment and Teacher Certification programs. In this capacity, he helped steer both programs toward more fair and valid assessment of critically important skills and proficiencies.

Jason Schweid



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