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Marietta is a coach and facilitator at Rethinc where she provides K-12 excellence, instructional leadership development, and DEI consultation to partners seeking a high performing school culture.

Marietta is the founder and owner of Above and Beyond Education Consulting. She serves as the Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction (ADCI), with a staff of over 100. One of her passions is facilitating educational leaders. She recently spoke to a group of school leaders, district administrators and superintendents at the New Jersey Department of Education’s (NJDOE) second annual statewide equity event, “Equity in Action: Strengthening Teaching, Leading and Learning in Unprecedented Times – A Virtual Unconference.” She currently serves on the diversity committee at Seton Hall University. She is a graduate of the Principal Rapid Orientation and Preparation in Educational Leadership (PROPEL) Program in South Florida. She was an Assistant Professor of Practice in New York City, where she taught Effective Teaching Strategies I and II. She lives between New Jersey (which sits on the land of the ___ people) and her family’s ancestral home in ___.

Marietta Williams



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