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Improving Everyday Work Culture With Research and Relationships


Providing Workplace Solutions for a Polarized World

A happy team works together.

Rethinc is a team of work culture experts focused on building more productive, inclusive, and collaborative work spaces. We use technology and traditional consulting services to help you make sense of the unique challenges of 2024.  Our results speak for themselves with happier teams who are increasingly at ease, grounded in strong relationships, and getting good work done.  

We partner with global corporations, large national non profits, regional law firms, professional sports teams, public policy forums, and school systems of all shapes and sizes.  Rethinc has good news stories to tell  across industries because our experience and well-earned knowledge is about people and what they need at work - wherever they work.

We believe in the limitless capacity of leaders, managers, and teams to grow when they need to, get their work done, and take care of each other at the same time.

We Operate on 3 Assumptions

1.  Employees' experience at work is defined by their relationship(s) with their organization, supervisors and peers.  


2. It is a supervisor's responsibility to create the conditions necessary for employees to have supportive and generative  relationships with them,  their peers, and the organization 


3.  Supportive, generative work relationships between managers, reports, and teams require personal growth and targeted work from all parties.   

A woman thinks deeply about her work with her colleagues.
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