In order for proper healing and repair to occur, each of us must be willing to interrogate how we have benefited from these oppressive systems.



We are a diverse and integrated team with a broad spectrum of lived experiences and decades of service in equity transformation work.

The REthinc team is made up of well-trained and tested practitioners who have worked together in various phases of our careers with a common mission to end systemic racism.

We decided to build REthinc to address - and shatter - common misconceptions about DEI.  Our unique approach fosters an environment of respect, vulnerability, and learning—where it is safe to not know what to do next, mistakes can be repaired, and our clients can trust that their colleagues are truly seeing and hearing a perspective different from their own—often for the first time.

From the executive offices of industry giants to the classrooms of small urban schools, we work to support the evolution, mending, and transformation of professional communities and organizations as they work to understand and undo the role that persistent and unintended racist ideas have in our workplaces.

You can count on REthinc to tell you the truth and help you sort out what to do with it.



As a manager, I have power. I need to take that power very seriously and use it to ensure an equitable experience for those on my team. This takes work!

For Profit Leader