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It’s Time for Rethinc to Take Your Culture to the Next Level


A New Research Base

for an Emerging Challenge

We spent years digging into the research on what productivity and inclusion require and we engineered an app you can use to  find out if your managers are checking those boxes.  If they're not, it means they're human and we'll know how to help them grow.  RethincWork evaluates your company and leaders against our Framework of Effective Management and provides uniquely actionable feedback immediately.  

Genuine Concern

Today's employees want a manager who sees and validates who they really are and what matters to them. 

They want to have meaningful connections with colleagues and have time for personal priorities and responsibilities.

A gen z woman makes eye contact.

Team Membership

In 2024, your staff need a real and defined role on a functional and coherent team. In order to stay committed and enthusiastic they need to be substantive contributors to goals they understand and know what success looks like. They must have information they can trust.

A gen z man works thoughtfully.



We use technology to quickly get you answers about where you are.  And we offer low-cost AI powered coaching for your managers at every level based on our Effective Management Framework and their score.  If that's not enough support, we provide training, executive coaching and culture strategy design. We work at all levels of your organization to help you cause the culture you and your team are looking for.

A gen z woman cheerfully emails her manager.


We synthesized research on inclusion, engagement, employee retention, motivation, and productivity.  We leverage theories and practices from industrial-organizational psychology, clinical psychology, leadership and management studies, and learning science.


With real time data, disaggregated by generation, race, and gender, you and your managers will know where you stand and what you can do today.  RethincWork allows you to explore how your employees are experiencing work but also how to actually improve the situation.

Actionable insights appear on a pretty dashboard.
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